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inlovewithotaku's Journal

We are in love with ourselves. What can we say?
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So, to be an otaku is great. I'm really proud of my otaku-ness, and in fact, I am in love with that huge otaku part of me.

Not many rules. In fact, practically none at all. Just, don't be a meanie head. Be nice. Part of this community name is love, after all. And, anything spoiler-ish or huge (This means more than 2 100x100 pictures) goes behind an lj-cut. Prove you read this by anytime you do an lj-cut, it says "Otaku, Otaku, Wherefore art thou, Otaku?" (Hehe, Corny, I know, but I like it! Plays on the whole loooove theme.) Also, nothing nasty (like naked photos, sheez!) Small people may read this. Be kind to their eyes. And mine.

That's the end of the rules. No applications needed, I trust your otaku-ish-ness.

Here are some lovely promo-pictures. Promote! This community needs to get on its feet!!!